New year’s wish list!

Babies Sex and High Heels has researched some new years eve party ideas for its first ever post. 2010 has nearly gone and a new year is about to begin. If you have had a good year, you probably want more for next year. And if you have had a bad one, you wish even harder for a better coming year.

What about some NYE herbs decorations on the table with some wishes for the next year? Just go to your back garden, dust the snow off your herbs and bring them in. A simple, unique, creative, sophisticated and easy table decoration that will WOW your guests.

Adapted ideas from here

Happy New year to all!


About mummybrown

First time mum, 32 yo, XXI century woman under constantly re-construction ( not in a cosmetic surgery sense). Likes fashion, fun parties, good food and discussing all kinds of relationship.
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