Love me or Love me – Skinny belts

I must confess that I don´t  follow all the fashion trends but some are just so irresistible.  Skinny belts are in fashion  (again) and throw the first stone who never wanted one of these accessories. They  can look vintage and charming. The good thing about them is that they can be worn by everyone from your grandma to your little daughter.

#Fact : Depending on the clothes you are wearing the skinny belt can make you look fatter. However you don´t need to be Alexa Chung to wear them. They go wonderfully with a very thick winter coat or with trousers with high waist. You can still use two belts at the same time and will not look O.T.T. One thing is for sure, you will look sleek, sophisticated and so tailored in your skinny belt.

According to vogue Uk: “Rest safe in the knowledge that skinny belts are sticking for spring/summer 2011”


Do a size or two bigger to do the catwalk dangle.

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First time mum, 32 yo, XXI century woman under constantly re-construction ( not in a cosmetic surgery sense). Likes fashion, fun parties, good food and discussing all kinds of relationship.
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