Tom Ford spring/summer 2011 Womenswear collection

It is a breeze of fresh air just to think that the winter now is half gone. It´s means that soon I will give birth (YEHEY!) and also we can start seeing the designers spring/summer collections and sooo coveting them!

BSHH brings to you a glimpse of  Tom Ford spring/summer 2011 womenswear.

It seems TF´s new fashion collection is full of  stlylish and elegant black and white ladies suits, animal imprint and BSHH particularly loved the metalic trend! It reminded me of the “metalic cocaine jackets” fashion in London during the 80´s.

Hollywood Divas, actresses and models make a great combination in any fashion show. Nonetheless, as a 7 months pregnant woman, it is really sooo good to see a big bottom in the midst of this anorexic world! Isnt´it Beyonce? Bring on the curves babe!!!



About mummybrown

First time mum, 32 yo, XXI century woman under constantly re-construction ( not in a cosmetic surgery sense). Likes fashion, fun parties, good food and discussing all kinds of relationship.
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